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How It Works

How to Submit?

  • Upload your .torrent file to
  • Copy the link it gives you
  • Click on the “Submit” tab on our site
  • Enter all your information

Get JoyStream:

What is JoyStream?

A new BitTorrent client, with faster speeds, streaming and paid seeding.

What is JSTorrents?

A torrent download website dedicated to JoyStream torrents. Here you can share links to your torrents, or request torrents.

Buyers – Uploaders

You’re the one wanting to buy seeders, go ahead and upload your .torrent file, and seeders will download and seed it for you!

Sellers – Seeders

Got fast internet? Wanna earn money by renting out some of your bandwidth and seeding some torrents? Go ahead and download some of the torrents on this site!


Why can I not upload to JSTorrents directly?

  • Torrenting some files may be illegal, our site could be shut down due to piracy and copyright. With the help of Anonfile or other file hosting services, we are only hosting a site with links.

I need to change something on my upload, but I have no option to edit my submission, can you change it for me?

  • For sure! Just contact us with the page and what you would like changed, and we will look into it!


We DO NOT host torrents or any type of pirated files. We are purely an “informational” website that links to other sites that host files.
Nor do we encourage pirating of any kind, so if you like a game, movie, or software, buy it!
None of the uploads are checked, so some files may contain viruses and should be scanned and run in virtual environments only.